What is an electric shock ?
You know that all the appliances like fans, lights, TV, computers etc. work on the principle of electricity. The human body offers considerable resistance to electricity when it is dry. However, wet skin allows transfer of electric current into our body easily. Materials like wood, glass, air and rubber also offer resistance to electricity. Sometimes while using various electric appliances just by putting fingers into the sockets, we may get a jolt of electric shock.

What happens when we get an electric shock?
When current passes through our body, it causes contraction of the muscles. If the current is long enough and strong enough, it may cause the heart to beat funnily, it may destroy the muscles and even cause burns at the site where we touched the electric point. Hence, the best may to prevent electric shock is to wear rubber-soled shoes or slippers while handling electric appliances. Also if a person is struck to the electric source, do not pull the person with bare hands but pull him with help of a wooden rod.

Last but not the least,
Do not ever touch the live wire
or else you’ll go all haywire!