Have you ever wondered where do these hiccups come from?
Well, hiccups arise from the muscle called the diaphragm (pronounced as die-ah-fram). This muscle separates your chest from your tummy. Diaphragm helps you to breathe. Sometimes, the diaphragm becomes irritated and, moves jerkily causing your breath to come out funnily causing the silly voice leading to hiccups.
 Eating too quickly, too much or feeling nervous causes hiccups. Usually hiccups last only a few minutes, but in some medical conditions, they may last for days and even weeks.
 And how do you ever rid your hiccups. Letís try and see what we can do: -

  • How about drinking 7 sips from a glass of water at a stretch.


  • Breathe into a paper bag.


  • Asking someone to scare you to death? (Well, if that doesnít cure your hiccups, at least it wonít trouble you, as youíll be almost dead.