Pollution means any contamination of air, soil, water and environment. Why, even loud noise and sound is also a part of pollution.

Air pollution – Harmful gases and tiny particles (like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide) when released into the air pollute the air. The smoke released from burning fuel, from factories and not to forget the motor cars are the major sources of air pollution.
  Air pollution is one of the major cause of that funny cough, asthma and burning eyes that you develop.

Water pollution – All that dirty water from our house drains through the pipes into river, oceans dirtying the water. Can you imagine all those chemicals from factories draining into the river? And that is the water that you drink. Think about all the diseases that you can get from drinking such water.

Land pollution – All that plastic and dirt that you throw on the ground dirties the land and when you don’t maintain the hygiene, then disease prevails.

Noise pollution – You want to listen to head banging rock music and your parents orbit into the space. But have you thought about your dear little sensitive ears? How much can they take?
  Not much and the effect is seen within a few years when you can’t hear what people say. You land up becoming deaf. Not to mention other problems like high blood pressure and other diseases that you develop.

Prevention of pollution is the best policy to prevent lot of diseases-

Here is your chance to take care of this world. Start right from your home and make a difference – cleaner and a healthier place to live in.